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Renown 20 in. High-Speed Electric Floor Polisher Commercial Grade, 1500RPM

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The Renown high speed burnisher features a powerful DC rectified motor that drives a consistent 1,500 rpms to maintain a wet-look shine on finished floors. The Renown burnisher offers easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch and circuit breaker, and a 50 ft yellow cord. The Renown burnisher is the optimal machine for polishing your floors to achieve a maximum shine.

  • Burnishing floors is easier thanks to the power of the Renown burnisher. Its pad speed is 1,500 RPM. It also is a 1.5 DC-rectified motor, which means low amp draw with proper torque for maximum power.
  • The Renown high speed burnisher offers an extra durable design with Powder-Coated Steel Base, Switch Housing, and Levers for extra long life.
  • The Renown high speed burnisher is built with a cast aluminum chassis to provide for long term use and high durability.
  • Renown high speed burnisher has a handle that can be operated on the locked position or allowed to float for optimal user flexibility and comfort
UPC: 076335059266
Carton Weight: 105 lbs

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