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You’re a pro who isn’t afraid to take on the toughest jobs. You expect your gloves to meet your demands. The GloveWorks industrial gloves have you covered. They’re the disposable gloves that won’t quit.

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The gloves provide excellent puncture resistance and chemical protection as well as great fit and feel. For the toughest jobs when versatility matters, these gloves are a perfect fit.

The Ammex Gloveworks black nitrile powder-free industrial glove will get as down and dirty as you need. It’s the disposable glove that won’t quit on you. This premium industrial-grade nitrile glove is the perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and comfort. The glove is more than 50% thicker than standard nitrile gloves, which adds durability, and that means fewer glove changes over the course of a shift. Nitrile has three times the puncture resistance of latex, and at 5-mil thickness in the palm with 6-mil fingertips, the glove holds up when working with tools and machinery. This glove offers excellent protection against a long list of common and specialty chemicals and is nearly as elastic as latex, so it conforms to your hand to deliver comfort, a great fit, and a high level of tactile sensitivity. The micro-roughened surface and textured fingertips give the glove a dependable grip. A polymer coating makes it easy to put on the glove as well as to take it off, and since it’s powder-free, there’s no residue to damage a perfect finish or an adhesive bond. This glove works for automotive, industrial, janitorial, sanitation, food service, and safety applications. The black color hides dirt, grease, and grime to help maintain a clean, professional look. The glove is made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Also suitable for countless uses around the house, from cleaning to painting to repairs. For the pro who takes on the toughest jobs, the Ammex Gloveworks black nitrile powder- and latex-free industrial glove is a perfect fit.

  • Designed for paint shops, food handling, plumbing work, automotive work, janitorial work, and other uses
  • Comes in black and made of 5-mil industrial nitrile, which is three times more puncture-resistant than latex
  • These XL-size nitrile gloves are comfortable and secure
  • Powder-free gloves are great where residue is an issue
  • 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per carton
  • Micro-roughened surface and textured fingertips deliver a dependable grip for working with tools
  • Gloves feature a polymer coating on the inside to make donning easy
  • Latex-free: won’t aggravate latex allergies
  • Ambidextrous design conveniently fits on either hand for quick use
  • Palm thickness: 5 mil
  • Finger thickness: 6 mil
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