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Opt for a hand soap option that everyone can appreciate with GOJO LTX Provon foaming hand wash refill!

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Because it’s unscented, this soap offers a gentler option for those with sensitivities to fragrances, and it doesn’t leave strong odors that some people may not like. The rich lather format adds a soft touch that helps get hands clean.

  • Clear and mild hand soap for versatile use
  • 40.5 oz. per refill bottle
  • Unscented with no fragrances or dyes for gentle use
  • Cleans hands with foaming lather for a rich, spa-like experience
  • Moisturizers and skin conditioners add a softening touch
  • For use with Provon LTX-12 dispensers for easy refills
  • USDA certified bio-based formulation for eco-friendly use
  • This product is manufactured by a certified WBE (women owned business)
Gentle on Skin
When you’re stocking soap dispensers in a commercial space, you need a soap product that’s good for everyone. This soap leaves out the dyes and fragrances to offer a gentle way to clean hands. Added moisturizers and skin conditioners help leave skin softer without a drying effect.

Good for the Environment
When you’re working on green initiatives in your office, you can appreciate products like GOJO clear and mild refills. This hand wash has a USDA-certified bio-based formulation that makes you feel good about using it in your bathrooms. You can do your part to keep hands clean and protect the environment.

Quick Refills
Refilling soap dispensers can be time-consuming and messy. This refill container comes ready to use in your dispensers, so you don’t have to deal with pouring liquid soap into containers. Your maintenance staff can easily pop these refills into the container to save time. The clear container makes it easier to see when it’s time for a new refill.

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