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DYMO Digital Shipping Scale 25 Lbs

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DYMO digital shipping scale allows you to accurately measure shipping weights.
Measure your outbound packaging using the DYMO digital shipping scale for precise shipping cost estimations. This sleek black and metallic scale has an LCD screen on the front so you can see the reading clearly. Take accurate records of shipping weights by pressing the hold button to display the current reading for 10 seconds. This digital scale is a great measurement and cost calculation tool for small businesses that regularly ship products, samples and promotional materials to their customers and subscribers.
    • Digital shipping scale provides accurate reading of shipping weight
    • Weighs items up to 25 pounds with an accuracy up to 0.1 ounces
    • Works with both an USB cable and three AAA batteries for ease of use
    • An LCD screen makes the weight reading clear
    • A black and metallic finish gives the scale a professional look
    • Includes a tare function for easily measuring the weight of a package’s contents
    • Measures 1.8″ x 8.3″ x 9.2″
    • Weighs up to 25 pounds
    • Suitable for use with Windows and Macintosh operating system
    • Integrates with postage programs such as Endicia InstaRate and DYMO Stamps for convenient calculations
    • Shuts off automatically to save power
    • Comes with a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty

    Battery Powered
    This shipping scale powers on with three AAA batteries so you can moving it to your packing area and operate it without a computer. The scale also turns off automatically when idle to increase the battery life.

    Accurate Reading
    This scale measures the weight up to 0.1 ounces so you can ship smaller packages at the correct weight-based costs. The scale also switches between pounds and kilograms for easier cost estimations of overseas shipments.

    Tare Function
    Make sure you are sending the correct amount of product to a client by using this digital scale’s tare function. This useful function allows you to weigh your container twice, first when empty and then when full. The tare function then displays the weight of the product inside the container making it easy for you to ensure that multiple containers have the same specified amount of product.

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    CT Weight: 3.5 LBS
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